Jeff Sommers

The Reputation Marketing Specialist

Mission: Empowering Local Businesses to Thrive Online

I am Jeff Sommers, a former pharmacist turned digital marketing strategist, dedicated to maximizing online visibility and reputation for local businesses. With my unique background in managing temporary roles and understanding the critical importance of reputation, I help businesses stand out in the digital landscape.

Expertise: From Pharmacy to Digital Marketing Maverick

Experience: Decades of navigating highly competitive job environments and excelling in local business management.

Transition: Switched to digital marketing to leverage my reputation management skills in a new arena.

Insight: Recognises the indispensable value of a strong online presence and customer-centric reputation.

Main Services Tailored to Elevate Your Business Online:

Google Business Profile Optimisation:

Goal: Boost local visibility and attract more customers.

Method: Employ strategic SEO practices to enhance your local search rankings.

Outcome: Increased foot traffic and higher conversion rates.

Reputation Management:

Strategy: Build and maintain a stellar online reputation that reflects the quality of your services.

Impact: Establish trust within your community, encouraging more reviews and interactions.

Result: A robust digital reputation that drives business growth.

Facebook Business Page Management:

Objective: Create and sustain an engaging online community around your brand.

Approach: Use targeted content and community management to strengthen brand loyalty.

Advantage: Enhanced brand awareness and customer engagement.

Custom WordPress Website Design:

Purpose: Provide a visually appealing and functional online hub for your business.

Features: Customisable, user-friendly designs optimised for performance and conversions.

Benefits: A professional website that attracts and retains clients.

Promise: Transforming Your Business for Online Success


Every local business can become a beacon in its community through effective digital strategies.


Enhance each business’s unique strengths and market position.


Turn your business into a local online leader, recognised and respected by your community.

Final Note:

By optimising your online presence and leveraging the power of digital tools and customer reviews, I aim to help you attract more clients, build trust, and achieve sustainable growth. Let's make your business not just visible, but indispensable.